Mountains of plastic waste on land and in water are a major problem in many countries. Plastic waste is considered worthless. We are changing this: We give mixed plastic waste a new value!

We support national and international organizations in setting up circular economy initiatives. Our competence is the development and distribution of production factories for the local reuse of mixed plastic waste and its processing into recycled plastic boards. 

This is our contribution to the reduction of global plastic pollution and CO 2 emissions: plastic waste is no longer incinerated, landfilled or disposed of somewhere, but converted into multi-purpose boards which can also be recycled again.  

In this way, a closed cycle can be created: Mixed plastic waste is reused.

Our offering

Serial production

With this factory, high volumes of mixed plastic waste are processed energetically and efficiently into recycled boards using an industrial process. 

The factory produces the boards in the format 2.44 x 1.22m. Depending on the application, the thickness can be set between 10 and 40mm.

R&D services and facility

Recycled boards made from mixed plastic waste require an exact recipe to obtain the desired qualities. For this purpose, we have our laboratory and our R&D facility at our disposal. 

The production process of the R&D facility corresponds to serial production. This means that recipes and tests can be run at a proportion of 1:4.

The boards produced can be used for a variety of end usage applications, some examples: 

  • Construction boards for the maintenance of existing residential infrastructure such as floor , partitions, doors, shutters, etc.

  • Furniture boards for the production of benches, tables, shelves, school furniture, etc.

  • Garden construction panels for raised beds, water collection systems, etc.

  • The production of completely new accommodation is also possible: BOXShelter


To produce recycled plastic boards from local plastic waste, we are developing a mobile production facility to improve infrastructure in emerging markets.


The company UpBoards GmbH is a company of BOXS AG, being specialized to produce and distribute recycled boards made from mixed plastic waste.


Contamination from plastic waste is ubiquitous. BOXS Light uses plastic waste to build the building envelope. Thus, the system not only provides adequate and safe shelter for people in need, but also contributes to improving the environment by combating plastic pollution and promoting recycling.